Who Should Call?

Anyone in Jefferson County, New York who is having a hard time or is concerned about a loved one.  This phone number is a FREE service, available 24/7 where you can find someone to answer your questions, give you resources in your community, and help you find ways to cope with your crisis.

This phone number is for anyone in Jefferson County, New York who:

  • Feels scared, overwhelmed or alone
  •  Doesn’t feel they have anyone to talk to
  •  Doesn’t think they can afford professional help
  •  Needs to talk to someone CONFIDENTIALLY
  •  Needs a place for counseling or treatment services
  •  Feels uncomfortable talking to family, friends, clergy or health professionals
  •  Feels self-destructive or suicidal
  • Is having thoughts of harm to others
  •  Is suffering from ongoing physical or emotional abuse
  •  Is experiencing a housing crisis

Why Call?

The hotline will provide anyone who calls, and the people who care for them, a 24-hour safety net. All calls remain completely confidential. The phone number can be used in many ways, including:

  • To fill in gaps in existing services
  • A “bridge” to provide support between appointments
  • Help for those with chronic or ongoing emotional challenges

What Will Happen After I Call?

Brief counseling will be provided over the phone to answer questions and help you cope.  You will be provided the opportunity to follow-up with the crisis outreach coordinator the following business day, who will provide face-to-face counseling and assist in referrals to community resources.